Through the Keeling Curve Prize, the Global Warming Mitigation Project has built a database of qualified climate solutions that have been scientifically vetted by a global team of climate experts. Solutions in the Climate Impact Conduit database come from more than 100 countries spanning a wide variety of clean technologies, transportation innovations, green finance solutions, reforestation programs, blue carbon restoration systems, and more.

The database allows investors, philanthropists, and mission-aligned partners to search for and view valuable information about climate programs , including region of impact, organization leadership, financials, and projected emissions reductions.

Customized subscription packages offer increased levels of database access, tailored services, 1:1 staff support, and opportunities to connect directly with climate solutions that align with your organization’s criteria. If you are interested in becoming a Climate Impact Conduit partner or have questions, please get in touch with our team at conduit@kcurveprize.org

Please note that information shared through the Climate Impact Conduit database is almost exclusively provided and self-reported by our Keeling Curve Prize applicants. We strongly encourage partners to connect directly with organizations and companies of interest to conduct further due diligence.